First of all, we’d like to thank you for two things: for participating at the live stream and for sharing your computer power and supporting the Folding@Home project in the fight against the coronavirus. By the way, even though the event is over, our SEO4Life team is still active and you may continue supporting Folding@Home.

In this article you will learn more about the four following topics:

  1. Event statistics
  2. Questions & Answers
  3. Presentation slides (+ videos)
  4. Brief notes from the presentations

1. Brief event statistics

          ●     In the peak we had 1 084 concurrent live streamers (22 minutes after the beginning). And then it goes up and down (from 400 to 800, back to 600 and at the end around 500).
          ●     During the live stream we had 1 989 different viewers and more than 3 500 views.
          ●     1 589 users signed up for the event.
          ●     We were 2nd on Sparktoro trending
          ●     There were tons of tweets with #SEO4Life

2. Questions & Answers

Here you can find answers to questions that weren’t addressed during the live stream.

We will add the remaining questions and answers later on.

3. Presentation slides + videos

4. Brief notes from the presentations

A big thank you to Pär Österlund for creating these sketchnotes from the presentations.

Aleyda Solis notes ⬇️
Aleyda Solis SEO4Life notes

Hamlet Batista notes ⬇️
Hamlet Batista SEO4Life sketchnotes

Purna Virji notes ⬇️
Purna Virji SEO4Life sketchnotes

Kevin Indig notes ⬇️
Kevin Indig SEO4Life sketchnotes

Cindy Krum notes ⬇️
Cindy Krum SEO4Life sketchnotes

Jono Alderson notes ⬇️
Jono Alderson SEO4Life sketchnotes

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in the next live streams in the future. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss anything.